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A fun, entertaining speaker
Barbara H. Morris, owner of Smooth Transitions®, provides entertaining and very functional presentations on moving to smaller quarters.

Morris lets folks know it is never too early to start weeding things out. Even if a move isn't planned for several months or years, she stresses it is never too soon to begin sorting through life's accumulations. It's the little things that can add up to big things - starting is the hardest part.

Helping seniors keep a "can-do" attitude
From telling seniors how to find new homes for some of their special possessions to helping them decide if it is time to move and what to look for in a smaller place, Morris takes a refreshing look at making this life-changing decision. She has coordinated downsizing for her own mother-in-law, family friends and a long list of clients.

Booking for your group
Speaking to groups of seniors, adult children, Realtors and people who work with seniors, Morris lets folks know they can make a move and the best time to move is while "you are in charge." Managing a lifetime of treasures is more than some people can think about, but Morris presents tips on how to do it the easy way.

Fees & Scheduling
Fees are based on length of the presentation, size of the group, and travel expenses. Special arrangements are made with purchases of bulk quantities of the Moving for Seniors workbook.

Audience Comments
"I have had Barbara speak at two communities that I have worked. Her seminars have been incredibly helpful to the seniors that we work with. She has the ability to take a very stressful event and make it seem less overbearing. Barbara uses personal stories to keep her audience engaged and entertained and her hints are very helpful. Sometimes people just need encouragement to begin the process early, while they are 'in charge.' "
Kendra Hull, Marketing Coordinator,
Chestnut Square at The Glen
Glenview, Ill.

"Barbara is very comfortable to hear because of her relaxed presentation style, peppered with her wonderful combination of humor, experience and practicality. It's clear that she understands the "pain" of transitioning and downsizing for seniors, but she adds a special twist that makes it all seem so positive."
Anita H. Kuvin, Director of Marketing
Wesley Manor Retirement Community

Louisville, KY

"Barbara Morris delivers! Her common sense approach to "scaling down" is doused with enough humor to make her program as fun as it is motivational. We've used Barbara for sales and marketing programs and have always rated her presentations as "two thumbs up!"
Susan Dobina, Director of Resident Services
The Forum at Brookside by Marriott, Retirement Community

Louisville, KY

"Having Barbara be the featured speaker at our Downsizing Seminar was probably one of the best things I have accomplished at work! She used the right mixture of comedy, sincerity and wisdom to get her message across. The audience was engaged and she left them wanting more, which is always a good trait of a great speaker. I plan on having Barbara back to speak again, many more times."
Mary Liz Brooks
Baptist Retirement Community
San Angelo, Texas

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For fee information or to schedule a presentation, please call Smooth Transitions at (502) 897-9332 or email info@movingforseniors.com


Is there a need for a Smooth Transitions® in your community?

If you are interested in starting a Smooth Transitions® in your area contact Barbara H. Morris about a license agreement. The agreement gives you the right to use the Smooth Transitions® name and logo, print material, as well as training necessary to start your own business. It offers flexibility in providing a much needed service to the growing senior population and their mobile adult children.

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