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Smooth Transitions began when founder and author, Barbara H. Morris, helped her mother-in-law and some other friends with their downsizing. Not everyone has family living in the same town or others willing to help. Even children living in the same town may not want to spend nights and weekends going through mom and dad's basement and attic.

Barbara Morris

Some folks who want to make the move don't because they are paralyzed by their belongings. Smooth Transitions can help. From the consultation that tells you how to do it, to following up on request of adult children, to handling all aspects of the move and clearing the house, Smooth Transitions can make a move less traumatic - for everyone


Before starting Smooth Transitions Barbara Morris spent 20 years in hospital public relations and marketing. A lot of that time was spent in close association with the volunteer department where she developed a working rapport with seniors. Barbara is a graduate of the University of Indianapolis. She is a frequent speaker and gives humorous presentations on household downsizing. (One of her favorite lead-ins is a presentation on moving is "How many plastic butter tubs do you have?")

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  Each move is different and the needs of each situation are evaluated. Charges for Smooth Transitions® are based on hourly rates and will vary by project. If you'd like an idea of price ranges on previous moves, please contact us.

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